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Heartbeat is a long-running British Police Series, set in 1960s Yorkshire. It started back in 1992 and is still going today.
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 Mark Jordan (PC Phil Bellamy)

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PostSubject: Mark Jordan (PC Phil Bellamy)   Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:16 pm

Born in 1965 in Oldham, Lancashire, Mark Jordon's first job after leaving school was at a painer & decorator's shop. He joined a local youth theatre and went on to win place at the Oldham Theatre Workshop. He is an original cast member of "Heartbeat".

Mark as PC Bellamy (1992-2007):

Phil is a pleasant, laid-back and somewhat goofy bloke with a good heart and a great sense of humour. He had been attracted to Gina Ward ever since she arrived in Aidensfield, but she rejected his advances for years before finally warming up to him. Phil and Gina were planning to marry, but when their baby died Gina called off the engagement and Phil was left alone again. Bellamy's police number is 426.

In series 11 Phil dated pharmacist Jenny Latimer. Some years later, in the 2006 series, he married Debbie Black, an apparently single mother of three children whom he met while investigating a burglary at her house. It was subsequently discovered that Debbie was in fact still legally married to her first husband, so her marriage to Phil was invalid. The two split up, and Debbie left for South Africa with her real husband. In Series 16 Phil's romance with Gina was restarted, but it suffered a further setback when Phil feared that he was suffering from heart disease (a condition that had killed his father and grandfather). This proved to be merely an ulcer, and after a successful operation Gina proposed to him in his hospital bed. The two were finally married in the Series 16 episode "The Dreams That You Dream" (broadcast June 2007). During the marriage ceremony it was revealed that Bellamy's middle name is Montgomery.

In episode 17.6 ("Touch And Go", broadcast 23rd December 2007[1]), Bellamy became involved in a confrontation with a shotgun-wielding man intent on abducting his son from his ex-wife's custody. As he tried to disarm the man he was shot dead. He was laid to rest with 'Hero' on his coffin, leaving the village, and his widow Gina, distraught. A one-off special, Heartbeat: Farewell to Phil, reliving his time on the series with contributions from Jordon and fellow actors, was broadcast on ITV on 24th December 2007.

Source: tv.com
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Mark Jordan (PC Phil Bellamy)
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