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Heartbeat is a long-running British Police Series, set in 1960s Yorkshire. It started back in 1992 and is still going today.
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 Niamh Cusack (Dr. Kate Rowan)

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PostSubject: Niamh Cusack (Dr. Kate Rowan)   Fri Mar 21, 2008 6:24 pm

On October 20th 1959, Niamh Cusack was born was born into an acting family of great repute: her father was the late Cyril Cusack, star of the stage and screen, and her mother was actress Maureen Keilty. It seemed inevitable that, despite her fatherís protestations, she too would take up acting.

Initially, Niamh trained to be a flautist at the Royal College of Music and she worked as a freelance musician with the RTE National Symphony and Concert Orchestra before she followed her sisters Sinead and Sorcha into acting.

Niamh became a household name in 1992 when she played Dr. Kate Rowan in the popular ITV drama Heartbeat opposite Nick Berry. However, after five series, Niamh decided to leave and her character was killed off as it was considered unlikely that Kate would simply elope. Throughout the run of the first five series of the show, viewing figures were over 10 million and on her departure many fans were sceptical that the show would continue to be such a success without her. Since leaving, she has appeared in numerous guest starring roles on television in shows such as Poirot, Marple and Jeeves and Wooster.

Early in her stage career, Niamh performed at the Gate Theatre, Dublin, in a production of Oscar Wildeís A Woman of No Importance and Arr N'a Pogh, and Chekovís The Three Sisters at the Royal Exchange, Manchester. In 1985, She joined the Royal Shakespeare Company. After a couple of very successful seasons at the RSC, Niamh returned to The Gate stage in Dublin where she starred along side numerous family members in a production of The Three Sisters. In 1993 she also played the leading role of Nora in a production of Ibsenís The Dollís House. Following a few years in television, in 1995 Niamh performed in a successful run of Tom Stoppardís Indian Ink. Despite appearing relatively frequently on television, she continues to act on stage having played Portia on a production of The Merchant of Venice in 2003, Elaine in Laura Wade's Breathing Corpses in 2005 and Jane in Amelia Bullmore's Mammals.

She is married to actor Finbar Lynch and they have one son. Her sisters are Sinead Cusack and Sorcha Cusack. Her half sister is Catherine Cusack and her brother in law is Jeremy Irons.

Niamh as Kate (1992-1995):

Married to PC Nick Rowan, she moved with him from London to Aidensfield when he was made Police Constable for the area (Kate had some previous connection with the area, the nature of which was not made completely clear). A kind and caring person, tempered with occasional streaks of coyness and obstinacy, Kate expected to find a position practising medicine alongside Aidensfield's resident doctor, Dr. Ferrenby. Dr Ferrenby was not initially encouraging to Kate because he doubted that the locals would accept a female doctor. However, he later took her on as his junior partner, and gave her a brass plaque with her name on it (to be added beneath the plaque bearing Dr. Ferrenby's name at the medical practice). Kate took over the practice completely following Dr. Ferrenby's death. Although Kate and Nick were delighted when Kate found that she was pregnant, Kate was horrified to discover, during the pregnancy, that she was suffering from leukaemia, and she kept the information about her illness a secret from Nick and the townspeople. Kate also refused potentially life-saving medication because she was worried about its possible adverse effect on her unborn baby. Due to her sacrifice, she died, from the leukaemia, shortly after giving birth to her and Nick's daughter Katie.

Source: Wikipedia
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Niamh Cusack (Dr. Kate Rowan)
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