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Heartbeat is a long-running British Police Series, set in 1960s Yorkshire. It started back in 1992 and is still going today.
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 Duncan Bell (Sgt. Dennis Ian Merton)

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PostSubject: Duncan Bell (Sgt. Dennis Ian Merton)   Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:08 pm

Duncan Bell was born on 5 April 1955 in Glasgow, Scotland to an Scottish father and a Scottish mother. In September 2001 he won the role of Sergeant Dennis Merton in Britain's biggest TV drama series Heartbeat. The role of Merton bought back childhood memories for Duncan as he spent holidays in Scarborough, close to where most of the programme is filmed. In January 2003 Duncan found out he was to become a first-time father, and decided to leave. In September 2003, Duncan became a father to a baby girl and left Heartbeat in July 2004.

His stage work includes Philistines, The Life of Galileo, Remembrance of Things Past, All My Sons and Blinded by the Sun for the National Theatre and two seasons (1988-9 and 1994) with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Duncan as Sgt. Merton (2002-2004):

A strait-laced and honourable Scotsman to whom the men were loyal. Merton had previously worked for the CID but was demoted to uniformed sergeant and transferred to Ashfordly after punching a fellow officer during an argument. He married the much younger pharmacist Jenny Latimer. He eventually left the series to move nearer to the hospital where Jenny was being treated after her mental breakdown during series 14.

Source: Wikipedia
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Duncan Bell (Sgt. Dennis Ian Merton)
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